A Guide to Groups

FAYN Groups explained

FAYN is a wide and diverse community full of interesting and intelligent people, some of which have specialities in specific areas. Part of the groups we use is to easily identify some of these core people as well as manage them for some of the administrative tasks that happen behind the curtains. Here is a list of what group is which and what prerequisites there are for each group, if any!

Starting with some of the auto selected groups, these groups you can join and leave at your own pleasure without the need of leadership approval etc. These are all on our Auth in the groups section here.

  • EVE_News CCP’s RSS feed links from their posts and announcements
  • F-Humor funny memes and posts that are are aimed at trying to be funny
  • F-NSFW Naughty 18+ Channel (Not Safe For Work)
  • FAYN Production Line For build order requests from leadership, members and alliance
  • FAYN_Kills Kills channel that shows kills over 10b and corp kills
  • Fleet To opt in and see fleet pings and participate in Fleet activities
  • F-Art Channel to link and share art
  • F_Caps If you are a capital pilot join here for capital specific chats
  • F_Movies to share and link movie suggestions and topics
  • F_Music show us your best playlists and songs, link your music here
  • Gaming (non-Eve) Other games channel access
  • Market Market bot and Jita pricing
  • Minor To ensure you do not have the NSFW channel on your discord
  • QRF this is where we ping to respond to our brothers and sisters that are in trouble
  • Section Six intelligence channel for monitoring neutrals and enemies

All of the above channels are easily joined and left at your own pleasure.

Requestable Groups

Project Tenchu is a secret channel of no description, if you do not know what this is then you do not need to know

The next list of channels are required to be authorised from a leadership members (not all leadership can accept every group in this list) These will grant you Icons on TS3 to make it easy to know who is with which group at a glance. I will explain requirements below the list which links the icons to the group identifiers.

Director Director You need to be a director to get this group.
Recruiter Recruiter Our recruiters are approved and easily identified with this icon next to their name.

Padawan Padawan is our newer members and is managed by our recruiters.


Freight Freight

Abyssal Abyssal

Cyno Cyno

Blops Blops

F_CapLogi Cap Logi

Super Super Pilot

Titan Titan Pilot

Group Requirements

FC F.C The only person who is able to call for corp assets in fleets and or SRP fleets. Shows someone who is adapt at organising combat fleets so this person must be able to demonstrate the ability to manage engagements and make the right calls most of the time!

Freight Freight to be a freight pilot you need to first have your own Jump Freighter and alts that can span across 5 cyno locations, plus a high sec hauler that is outside of corporation in a non war eligible corp. This alone isn’t enough as you need to do some excessive with @Pjhustle to demonstrate understanding of the FAYN freight methods.

Abyssal Abyssal Pilots to get this award need to demonstrate a understanding and competence in the new abyssal environment. Co-op and or cruiser filament are going to be the most common to gain access to this group.

Cyno Cyno This is to easily identify who can light Cynos using corp standard cyno ship fittings and that they understand about ranges, fuel and bumping mechanics.

Blops Blops This is still a work in progress and will be a select group of pilots who have, know and understand the Blackops battle ship. Hunting groups and a strict interview will be required!

F_CapLogi Cap Logi Capital Logistics is a much wanted requirement for FAYN members. Having this group shows that you have the ship with at least the corp standard and understand how to use and when to use the ship.

Super Super Owning a super isn’t enough to grant admission alone, you need to demonstrate some specific manoeuvres and counters to be able to grant access, please speak with @PJHustle if you think you are ready to try and gain this group!

Titan Titan Much like the super group you must meet some hard requirements, Logi alt, full understanding of the ship and mechanic, plus refits in cargo and know how to quickly swap out your fittings. @PJHustle will grant you access when you think you are ready for the interview.

This covers all of our current groups, we are working on more related to periodic performance (ratting, mining, PVP, etc.) so watch this space!