Bombers bar - NPSI

Bombers Bar {NPSI}

So we have started to grow an interest in some PVP, we haven’t enough to form medium sized fleets ourselves but there are other options for ‘ contentNPSI fleets have been a thing for a while and gathers people from all over the universe to find targets and kill stuff as a group of temporary unified force.

I have often spoken about doing Bombers bar fleets and I get allot of people saying they do not know how to join them, their comms etc so I am making it easy right here in this post.

Some channels and places of particular note:

In game channels

  • Bombers Bar - This channel will link you to BB: Info which has additional information in the MOTD along with fittings channels etc.
  • Bombers Bar X - This channel will only be open to join when there is an active fleet and you X up in here for a fleet invite.

Comms used
BB use teamspeak3 ( ) the password and channel to use will be in the fleet MOTD


BB often use Jita and Amarr for their staging locations if you haven’t already get a clone in Jita and buy some of the bombers ready.

Important Information

this is an NPSI fleet which is not purple shoot it, basically anything not in fleet is a target, THIS DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN SHOOT BLUES! if you pop out of the WH and see a friendly is caught you must not participate in the destruction of them. BB understand this!

I will start to try and get more of us to go on some of these fleet as they are soo much fun its a great experience.