Carrier Accreditation

Carrier Program

Understanding your capital class ship helps in both effective use and lifespan of the vessel. Within this topic I will try to explain some of the basic, intermediate and more advance piloting manoeuvres to help increase your overall understanding of the way in which you can apply your ship to a particular scenario.

Once you fully understand most of the points within this thread there is an optional test for you to take which would give you a medal upon a successful pass rate. 100% is a gold Award, 95% is silver award and 90% is Bronze award, we have high threshold for pilots wanting to wear our decorations.

Basic Knowledge.

To cover some of the basic information regarding carriers we will begin with the construction. Building a capital class ship requires a structure with a capital shipyard installed and being a large structure or XL. Capital ships are constructed from basic minerals using capital component parts in varying quantities as a prerequisite for the final construction. Because the base minerals for this are the regular ones this means that the value for insurance is one to be considered.

Docking carriers needs to be in either a Fortizar, Sotiyo and or a Keepstar. Each carrier has a fleet hanger and a ship maintenance bay to support fleet operations and moving assets with you, which can be used in a way to increase survivability.

Carriers can only operate in areas outside of High-sec space. While they can use stargates to travel (except to high-sec), they can also jump between star systems using built-in Jump Drives, although this needs another ship to light a “cynosural beacon” in the target star system and or access to a system Cyno beacon. To jump you need to be in range (light years) and have fuel. To check both fuel and distance you can use the jump navigation window, Right click your capacitor and open the jump navigation window. You also click here to jump to a beacon.

Fighter controls

Where are my fighters?
If you are new to a carrier chances are you will be confused as to where your fighters are. Fighters are kept in a separate window that is usually hidden until separated. To show this fighter window (tubes) you click a little icon that is nestled in the bottom of your HUD between your modules (see image below)
Once you have opened the tubes out they sit over your modules and you should drag it out using the small square icon under the tube window (see image below)
Click and drag it to a position that feels comfortable to you

Blue Doughnut of Control

Each tube of fighters are a squad of fighters that can be controlled individually and seperate to your ship. You choose what quad you are controlling by Ctrl+Clicking on that group, what you are currently controlling is highlighted by a blue halo / doughnut around the group…
In this example you can see that I have tubes 1 & 3 selected and not my carrier, To selecet and deselct just Ctrl + Click on what you want to control. To control your carrier you can Ctrl + click on your cap to highlight it, this can be done in combinations including fighter tubes or excluding them.

Aggressive manoeuvres

Each different fighter type has it’s own weapons and abilities, once launched are displayed above their tubes. To activate these you can have them highlighted (blue halo) and use the F1, F2 & F3 shortkeys or simply click on the module much like a ship. Be careful as if you have your carrier selected you will also activate or deactivate any modules in these defined slots.


Intermediate Manoeuvres

Fitting a capital ship is widely varied from ship types to application type, some of the basic considerations are if you go for PVE, PVP, Tank or Ticks. We will primarily be covering PVE applications but also talking about when you get tackled in your PVE carrier. FAYN has many systems to avoid getting tackled in the first place but sometimes it happens regardless. Some of the more important modules to fit onto your Carriers are a Capital repair module that is specific to your “Tank” followed by command bursts which can significantly increase your EHP. There is also a module known as EHE which is an Emergency Hull Energizer and gives you crazy resists for a very short period

Before you leave you should check that you have fuel for your ship and ammunition for any other modules (ancillary repairers, etc) Check intel, Discord, local and even evescout to see if Thera WH is close by. The discord channels you should have are FYAN discord, INIT Discord (for PVE in G95F-H) and we even have our own CCTV on each gates surrounding our systems via Twitch or Youtube.

You have to make a choice now with your PVE carriers if you would like a Networked Sensor Array or not. Using a NSA will prevent you from warping while it is active, if you have the intel stream up and are paying attention you should be ok to cycle this module as needed, they only last 1 minute so you should have enough time to gauge the safe use of them or not.

The process of being fully aligned can be described as “being at least 75% speed towards a warp out position.” when warping your ship needs to reach 75% of it’s maximum speed for warp to initiate in a direction of the end destination. If you turn your ship your speed decreases until it starts to become aligned, but for the purpose of “being aligned” you also need to be at 75% speed or more.

We align so that we can warp out at an instant of any trouble coming our way. it is advised you warp to your anomaly at 100km then instantly align back to a dockable structure and then drop fighters and engage the site. Keep aligning throughout the whole site as your carrier can control its fighters within an entire grid (10,000 km)

Always, Always be in the standing fleet when operating your capital ship outside of a structures tether range. First thing you should do is join comms, This allows you to ask questions get feedback of the local area and enemy movements etc. After which you should join fleet and then check your equipment, fuel, ammo etc. once all is clear when you land align straight back to a safe warp (usually a ping above a structure)

When you are tackled for the first time it is very easy to panic and start talking about stuff that isn’t needed or helps. Stay calm, provide basic but vital information, usually inside of a ping. When in G95F-H ping ia_ping_priority on INIT. discord with the standard used ping


Do this ping as soon as you are tackled, you can always tell them you are safe afterwards if you managed to beat the tackle off you, but get help coming ASAP!

D-Scan is a scanner built into your ship that will scan nearby areas for ships and entities. The default settings for D-Scan need to be changed for 360 degrees of scan and the range set by yourself. We use a website to parse out the D-Scan information which is provided in a ping to help a response fleet understand what is needed. Adash is the preferred tool for this.

Advance Piloting

Carrier use Fighters for their damage application, there are many types of fighters you can use for all different types of situations, you are limited by your fighter hanger bays but you can still have a variety in your holds to manage most eventualities.

Light fighters are your standard DPS fighters, these apply great to ship classes Cruisers and upwards and with good enough skills destroyers and frigates at a decent level also. I would use Air superiority fighters to go for fast frigates and destroyers Grams being the fastest so my recommended to use against Frigates who are tackling you and kiting your main fighters.

If you are tackled by just one ship you can use Scarabs to jam out that ship and warp out, keep aligned and when the jam hits simply spam the jump button to whatever you are aligned to, make sure it is a ping on the structure and not the structure as normal because you will still have aggression timer to count down and those extra KM they have to travel to you may be the difference from safety or not.

If you are on a structure and you have active fighters out you will not get tether. Having fighters out will prevent you from getting safe on a structure much like an aggression timer and a Cyno. Please be mindful when warping back safe about this.

Fighters have their own warp drive and you can warp to the next site and or a structure then recall them to you, they will simply warp to you. Please note that they are responding to where you hit the recall to tube button so it is only used once you fully disengage from your own warp.

Prepare for the unexpected
Sometimes you can do everything right warp to a site and as you are warping an enemy comes into system D-scans you and locates the site you are warping too. This is possible because your ship warps very slow and you can be tracked easily to a site if it is within that ships D-Scan range.

If you find yourself in this situation and you have prepared you can get safe, you will land at 100km from the site and the chances of them landing close to you is slim. once you come out of your warp action you can simply jump to a beacon or a fleet cyno and this is the quickest way to avoid that ship tackling you. This is not used often enough so worth remembering, especially now we have beacon access.

Preparing a QRF cyno is also very helpful, you need to have a Force recon loaded with enough Liquid Ozone to light your cyno. If there is a Cynosural Inhibator anchored then you will need to make sure your cyno is atleast 100km away from that structure as these prevent Cynosural Field generator I from working in a 100km radius from the structure.


If you think you have a full understanding of how you should be operating your carrier and wish to gain the in-game reward to show this please take the test below (only to be taken once per month) each question should have a number within brackets to show you how many answers are required i.e.(2) Make sure you watch for these as you could loose essential points!