Carrier Sites for beginners

I tried to find a carrier safety guide and failed so quickly penned this.
Apologies if i overstep toes.

When using a carrier unless you have lots of money, or even just prefer to play it safe these are my suggestions, while not the most isk per hour its still more than using a VNI etc…

Dont use a network sensor array - they prevent warp for 60 seconds. Use a sensor booster its slightly longer lock times but safer.

Make a safe-spot in the middle of the cluster of anoms;
Warp the carrier there and use it as your safe.

-When you land warp to your Haven at 100km
-cloak ( use a caldari Navy for reduced delay after)
-align to your safe or another safe. if you have any 90 degrees to you your align time is faster.
-when aligned and full speed then declaok

Don’t use the sites near the gates, they are asking for trouble.
Think the neut campers, if one de-cloaks near to you, warp off, do not wait for fighters.
Loosing 125 mill of fighters (t1) vs your carrier.
(You need to look elsewhere if you get tackled that’s not for this topic)

I cant reliably be expected to look at this forum more than once every few days so pls convo on game.
(see my bio on note taking)…

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This is helpfull, doing anoms like this is prob the safest way. a note; make sure to stack jump fuel in the fuel bay so you can jump to a safe cyno.

Ask for a qrf cyno on standby when available.