Contact Page - FYAN Industries

Who to contact

In the event of you needing to contact us please try to direct your initial enquiry to the relevant person to speed up the process.

For HR, Recruitment and member questions speak to the HR team listed below

For general enquiries about access, structure information, system details etc please speak to any Director, COO or PJHustle

For services, Technical issues and third party applications please speak with Darthmoll Amatin

For diplomatic issues contact Darthmoll Amatin and/or PJHustle

  • CEO - PJHustle
  • COO - Darthmoll Amatin
  • CFO - Demjon
  • Support Director - Loci Sabage
  • Manufacturing Director - Sweetface2014 Enaka
  • Tech 2 Production Director - Sten Makanen
  • HR - Bellath

How to contact

Email: (This is only monitored by the CEO and COO)
In-Game chat ‘ F.Leadership
Discord service (Will have to Auth on our services)