FAYN Buddy Program!

FAYN Industries Buddy Program

What is the buddy system?

A buddy system is a way for veteran members to share their experiences and knowledge of the game and corporation to new members.

Buddy Selection

A new member is given a buddy from the list of eligible veterans. The veteran and the new member are then introduced. Being a buddy is voluntary. Please contact Bellath or Savos Darkran if you wish to be one.

Buddy Dos and Don’ts


  • Be a listener to your buddy
  • Actively communicate with your buddy to understand his/her perspective.
  • Reach out to a buddy who may be struggling
  • Offer help with practical needs or finding services


  • Ask for anything in return to and including isk
  • Exchange passwords to accounts
  • Blow each other up to settle an argument
  • Be a spai

Remember this is a work in progress. We will change things up as needed.

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