FAYN Doctrine SKill plan

FAYN Doctrine Skill Plan

In order to fly in our fleets you will require to pilot a set ship fitting that is designed with a fleet composition in mind. In order to conform to this ‘Doctrine’ you need to know what to train. The ship doctrines and fittings can be found here. At the present time we only have 2 doctrines that we expect our members to be able to fly in which are listed in THIS post.

This is a skill list to show a bare minimum requirement so you can fly in both of the fleet doctrines.

Thrasher and Caracal Plan

  1. Caldari Frigate I
  2. Caldari Frigate II
  3. Caldari Frigate III
  4. Caldari Destroyer I
  5. Caldari Destroyer II
  6. Caldari Destroyer III
  7. Caldari Cruiser I
  8. Hull Upgrades II
  9. Hull Upgrades III
  10. Hull Upgrades IV
  11. Weapon Upgrades I
  12. Weapon Upgrades II
  13. Weapon Upgrades III
  14. Weapon Upgrades IV
  15. Shield Upgrades I
  16. Shield Upgrades II
  17. Shield Upgrades III
  18. Shield Upgrades IV
  19. Afterburner I
  20. Afterburner II
  21. Afterburner III
  22. High Speed Maneuvering I
  23. Tactical Shield Manipulation I
  24. Tactical Shield Manipulation II
  25. Tactical Shield Manipulation III
  26. Tactical Shield Manipulation IV
  27. Propulsion Jamming I
  28. Propulsion Jamming II
  29. Missile Launcher Operation I
  30. Missile Launcher Operation II
  31. Missile Launcher Operation III
  32. Light Missiles I
  33. Light Missiles II
  34. Light Missiles III
  35. Light Missiles IV
  36. Light Missiles V
  37. Light Missile Specialization I
  38. Drones I
  39. Light Drone Operation I
  40. Light Drone Operation II
  41. Light Drone Operation III
  42. Light Drone Operation IV
  43. Light Drone Operation V
  44. Drones II
  45. Drones III
  46. Drones IV
  47. Drones V
  48. Minmatar Drone Specialization I
  49. Missile Launcher Operation IV
  50. Missile Launcher Operation V
  51. Minmatar Frigate I
  52. Minmatar Frigate II
  53. Minmatar Frigate III
  54. Minmatar Destroyer I
  55. Long Range Targeting I
  56. Small Projectile Turret I

20 unique skills, 56 skill levels

Just to add a comprehensive list that includes every single ship in the two doctrines we expect members to be able to fly in here are the skills below for all ‘Expected Doctrines’ below.

Complete Skills for every ship in the doctrine list

  1. Minmatar Frigate I
  2. Minmatar Frigate II
  3. Minmatar Frigate III
  4. Minmatar Destroyer I
  5. Weapon Upgrades I
  6. Afterburner I
  7. Afterburner II
  8. Afterburner III
  9. High Speed Maneuvering I
  10. Long Range Targeting I
  11. Propulsion Jamming I
  12. Small Projectile Turret I
  13. Hull Upgrades II
  14. Hull Upgrades III
  15. Hull Upgrades IV
  16. Energy Grid Upgrades I
  17. Energy Grid Upgrades II
  18. Energy Grid Upgrades III
  19. Energy Grid Upgrades IV
  20. Shield Upgrades I
  21. Shield Upgrades II
  22. Shield Upgrades III
  23. Target Painting I
  24. Missile Launcher Operation I
  25. Missile Launcher Operation II
  26. Light Missiles I
  27. Electronics Upgrades I
  28. Target Management I
  29. Caldari Frigate I
  30. Caldari Frigate II
  31. Caldari Frigate III
  32. Caldari Destroyer I
  33. Caldari Destroyer II
  34. Caldari Destroyer III
  35. Caldari Cruiser I
  36. Weapon Upgrades II
  37. Weapon Upgrades III
  38. Weapon Upgrades IV
  39. Shield Upgrades IV
  40. Tactical Shield Manipulation I
  41. Tactical Shield Manipulation II
  42. Tactical Shield Manipulation III
  43. Tactical Shield Manipulation IV
  44. Propulsion Jamming II
  45. Missile Launcher Operation III
  46. Light Missiles II
  47. Light Missiles III
  48. Light Missiles IV
  49. Light Missiles V
  50. Light Missile Specialization I
  51. Drones I
  52. Light Drone Operation I
  53. Light Drone Operation II
  54. Light Drone Operation III
  55. Light Drone Operation IV
  56. Light Drone Operation V
  57. Drones II
  58. Drones III
  59. Drones IV
  60. Drones V
  61. Minmatar Drone Specialization I
  62. Missile Launcher Operation IV
  63. Missile Launcher Operation V
  64. Electronics Upgrades II
  65. Electronics Upgrades III
  66. Electronics Upgrades IV
  67. Electronics Upgrades V
  68. Long Range Targeting II
  69. Long Range Targeting III
  70. Long Range Targeting IV
  71. Shield Emission Systems I
  72. Drone Durability I
  73. Repair Drone Operation I
  74. Shield Emission Systems II
  75. Shield Emission Systems III
  76. Minmatar Destroyer II
  77. Minmatar Destroyer III
  78. Minmatar Cruiser I
  79. Gallente Frigate I
  80. Gallente Frigate II
  81. Gallente Frigate III
  82. Gallente Frigate IV
  83. Gallente Frigate V
  84. Long Range Targeting V
  85. Electronic Attack Ships I
  86. Repair Systems I
  87. Capacitor Management I
  88. Capacitor Management II
  89. Capacitor Systems Operation I
  90. Capacitor Systems Operation II
  91. Capacitor Systems Operation III
  92. Sensor Linking I
  93. Sensor Linking II
  94. Sensor Linking III
  95. Sensor Linking IV
  96. High Speed Maneuvering II
  97. High Speed Maneuvering III
  98. Small Projectile Turret II
  99. Small Projectile Turret III
  100. Small Projectile Turret IV
  101. Small Projectile Turret V
  102. Sharpshooter I
  103. Sharpshooter II
  104. Sharpshooter III
  105. Small Artillery Specialization I
  106. Drone Navigation I
  107. Propulsion Jamming III

37 unique skills, 107 skill levels