FAYN - Rulebook

FAYN is a group of Corporations working together as a collective to grow both the individual and the group within this set of guidelines and rules.

Administration Tools

As part of FAYN you are required to have ALL of your characters, however insignificant linked to your main character on SeAT This is part of the recruitment requirements and supports the ongoing management of our corp members. You are at risk of being dropped from corp without warning should you have alts not registered on our SeAT . The purposes for SeAT is that it helps manage our members, it protects our members and it also serves as a tool in which we can help create goals, plans and targets based on the information we hold about the entire corporation. SeAT is seperate to Auth but both are something you should have setup.


One of the fundamental parts of working collaboratively is clear ways to communicate. FAYN has the use of multiple communication methods outline in this section, You should be on the ones mentioned in this section that’s marked in bold, the other methods will be on your own discretion.

  • Discord
  • Forums
  • Intel Channel (in game chat channel)
  • Ratting Channel (in game channel for ratting)


This is our preferred method of communication and requires you to go to our AUTH service which will check your public info on your main character and see if you are blue to us and assign you Discord roles automatically. Being on Discord increases communication in times of distress so it’s vital if you are flying capital sized ships to be on here when you are flying those ship classes. I would also stress you to join INIT’s Discord if you fly capital size ships. Speak to one of our leadership about the capital certification award for the capital class pilot.

There are regular topics covered on discord that are not in game, this is the best place to get help with anything you may need help with whilst in our corp, you will find it useful.


The forums have been created and will be required for some of our corps main operating procedures. The forums shows you how to use the buy back program, how to place a JF order to and from Jita, there are guides on best practices to make ISK in this region, and many more useful things. All future changes and developments will be announced via the forums so it is imperative you are on our forums so you do not get left behind.

Intell Channel

This is an ingame chat channel that covers neutral and enemy movements as they pass through fountain. This is a must have channel to increase your survivability in our region. You can accompany this with a program called Near2 which will read out and track the movements of said “bad guys” and what ships they are in. This will dramatically improve your lifespan.

Ratting Channel

This is another ingame chat channel which was created to show the players who are ratting in a system which sites have already been started by another player. It also shows you the types of havens and sanctums so you can avoid the gas havens and stick on the rock havens for maximum ticks! If you are ratting and you haven’t posted in here please be warned we have several smartbombing fleets that rat in our corp they may end up landing on top of you and popping you/ your drones / your fighters. Simply post the first three letters of the anom you are about to start in this channel. Please also refrain from multibox AFK VNI ratting in multiple sites. If Supers are ratting and caps please move any VNI’s down to Hubs and ports (Same Ticks just less escalations)


We are blue to Goons we are blue to Iron Armada and blue to a few other entities that reside in fountain, this DOES NOT mean we can dock at all,most or even any of their structures. Please check first before you make a purchase at a station. As a rule we do not have keepstar access (Except in a few locations) and access to goons outposts. We do have the rights for the jump bridges and there is a map of the bridges in fountain at the top of our discord in a chat called PSA (it is a pinned topic)

For all of FAYN’s structures we have the details of where they are, what they are called and what they do in the corp bulletins section ingame. Simply go to corporations icon in the nav menu then home and bulletins for some useful information.

Fountain of knowledge

Fountain is a strange and wonderful region, home to many of types of groups and corporations. Getting to know the area will help you understand how the place works. For example fountain is split by a very large system KVN, this system splits fountain in 2 for capital jump ranges, there is a constellation of NPC systems where an enemy lives so buying items from there is often unsuccessfully managed. Make use of the Jump Bridges (JBs) ask in corp, ask in comms if you are traveling somewhere and you are not 100% sure of the route, etc.

Making Dank Isk

We are a renter corp and as such we have rules we need to follow and rules our members need to follow. We rent a selection of systems (below), these will be known as “home systems”. In home systems we have rights to run any anomaly within that system, this is Asteroid belts (mining), combat sites (ratting) and exploration sites (Data & Relic), We have exclusive rights to those anoms. Exclusivity does not include the event sites, nor does it include escalations.

This is the very basic rule set all renters have. We cannot mine in other systems we do not rent, we cannot rat in other systems we do not rent, and we cannot hack in systems we do not rent. This is the same for pilots attempting to run anoms within our system.

Jump Bridges

There is the most current map of jump bridges around fountain on the members forums


We have worked hard on getting most of the people in fountain within one main fleet. This is still not 100% of the region but the greater majority We are using a fleet and once in game ask one of the corp members to direct you to the standing fleet and how to save the fleet advert / setup. The Fleet should be titled INIT Fountain Standing

Please ensure you are in the standing fleet, especially if you are flying capitals, this is one less thing you need to do at the point of a tackle and allows for clear, quick responses to happen if they are available.

If you are the boss and need to make the advert please make it as follows:

Home Systems

Within the home systems we can Rat, Mine and Explore to our hearts content. We have limited access rights to other activities within the region but these are subject to change without prior notice. Therefore, they will not be listed here.

G95F-H is our only rented system

Mining Etiquette

If you are mining with a rorqual supported fleet please do not mine the rocks directly around the rorqual and use your extended range to mine in the outer areas from the rorquals. If you are using the rorquals compression (in the fleet hanger) please check with the pilot first as they may be using it for their alts and may cross drag ores. There is some common sense needed here. If you are leaving a belt to move onto a next one and there is only a few rocks left in the original belt, this is not acceptable!

Ratting Etiquette

Please refrain from having numerous AFK/Semi-AFK VNIs running Havens, particularly in G95. There are only 4 Rock Havens, if you’re running 3 or all 4, this prevents other members from running them. If no one else is online, it isn’t an issue, please use common sense.

Maintaining OPsec

In all cases please use corp chat instead of local for chatter, this eliminates the chance of neutrals joining the system as you hit enter and gathering intel unnecessarily. Keep Local and ftn.imperium in their own windows, and always on the top.

Planetary Interaction

We have got regional access to PI, which means we can go to any system and extract planetary materials from any planets. We own the POCOs in Kraken and as such they would have significantly lower tax rates than the alliance provided ones within INIT space.

Where’s the Market?

There is a fairly robust market within G95F-H at Scrap Metal as well at O-PNSN at Angband . However, if there is something you need that isn’t available, J5A-IX is the market hub for The Initiative. This system is easily accessible by jumping to C-N4OD and then using the Jump Bridge to J5A.

Jump Freighter Services

Please refer to:



All buybacks are to be done through the https://buyback.fayn-industries.tk/login website. Enter the information into the text box, get an estimate. Click accept on the pop-up. Now copy & Paste the Order ID into the contract description & the amount into the amount to receive for the contract. Please ensure all contracts are assigned to Fayn Buyback (Character in corp) at Keroman II in G95F-H