Housekeeping - Staying Safer


Living in Null sec space has it’s dangers for sure. As a large group we set out tools, tips, tricks and guides on how you can maximise your safety while doing the activities you want to do. This post will go through some of the very basic and intermediate actions one can do to make your space safer, I will try to prioritise them in what I believe is an order of importance.

Intel Stream

This is one of the best ways to stay safe, it displays all the systems around us with a live feed of local, signatures and gate overwatch. It also supports audio warnings from the Intel channel (Near2) and gate activation noises. Having this open in a display for yourself is the best option but you can also just check that if someone on voice comms has it open if you struggle to be able to have it on display. This is streamed to Youtube and Twitch at the same time so if you are in the UK and have Sky you can stream it to your standard TV through Sky

for a light way to have the stream running you can also copy the stream address into VLC media player for a low resource way of streaming the lintel

I say Pathfinder but in general this is about scanning all the unknown signature in our immediate area (at least the 7 systems on intel and our home system) We use Pathfinder to map, note and track signatures and systems. We use a colour system to show quickly if a system is fae or has a WH scanned inside it.

Green is clear, Red is WH detected. We all should take an active role on keeping this up-to-date then we can all benefit. CHA2-Q has a jove observatory which means it can get a second beacon on the overview and if that is there it means a ‘drifter WH’ has spanned watch for this on the intel stream or in the system yourselves.

Intel Channel
The in-game intel channel is one of the oldest tools that you can utilise for safety, it is also one of the best. This is a community project where all inhabitants and travellers (friendly ones) will report sightings of fleets or enemy movements within the area. If you couple this with Near2 program you are in a great position to get notified of trouble when it is heading your way.

Keeping the intel channel (ftn.imperium) open in it’s own window is important same as the local window. To save on screen real estate you can stack windows, minimise them, and a whole host of options. some examples are below:

Combination of open channels and collapsed chats

You will see local and intel open in their own spaces while some other chats stacked at the top of the window. You can open them up by either clicking on the name of the chat you want open or double clicking the bar, to collapse back you double click next to the name on the header bar. If you have them under each other like this and pinned they will drop out with the window and collapse back as if stuck to the bottom edge.

Stacked channels

Here you see local under the main chats but showing the important part (who is in your system) This is also displaying the Ctrl + A trick on local to quickly show any new person who enters the system. select a player in this window hit the short cut to select all (Ctrl + A) and any new person joins the chat but isn’t selected making it very easy to notice a change.

Understanding systems

Knowing what to do if it all goes wrong is super helpful in your survival, failing to plan is planning to fail. If you are in capital sized ship you NEED to be in the alliance discord so you can ping for a QRF fleet. You can also have this ‘ping’ prepared to make it super simple should you get tackled.

INIT. Discord
Our Discord
Being on Comms
will make saving you much easier and improve your chances of survival dramatically. This is how a Ping should look and it should go in the INIT. Discord as soon as you are in trouble. :-

@everyone <Ship Type> Tackled
Pilot: <Pilot Name>
System: G95F-H
CYNO INHIB : <Set status to either, Online or Not Present>
D-Scan: <Enter a recent Dscan using aDash>
Fleet: <Link your fleet name> Should be INIT. Fountain Standing
Panic: <If a Rorqual enter details on if you have panicked yet>
CYNO Available <If you have a recon pilot cloaked on grid enter name here>

All the parts need to be customised to your specific situation but the majority of that can be done before you leave safety of tether. Any changes should also be reported such as Panic and dscans etc.

This is what it looks like on the discord channel

Be calm and listen to what is asked of you, if they ask how far form you are they try to be specific but do not rattle on. ‘Main fleet are 30km away from me towards the C-N gate’ if you do not know direction or any details be clear you do not know so the FC can work without the info instead of waiting for it.

ASK for help ASAP!

Working together

This one goes hand in hand with all of the other parts of keeping safe. If you are talking on comms talk to others they may be able to advise you of a different method to use or that a fleet was somewhere and they haven’t been reported yet etc. Provide a D-scan link in fleet if a friend is tackled. Prepare yourself with the corps QRF ships. If a Rorqual is tackled by a ceptor and he is out of core take that solo griffin out and tell the pilot to align and spam the warp button while you jam out the tackle.

Check the F.Fight channel in game to see what ships we use as QRF and the composition forum section here