New Anomaly Details

The Miners Edition

Anomoly Changes
17th Dec 2019

CCP made some significant changes in the resource distribution area of the game recently. On December 17th 2019 they made a change but didn’t inform anyone of this change in their usual manner, Patch notes, Dev blog, etc. They made two changes, one of which is insignificant and the other quite significant.

  1. They removed Spodumain and Veldspar from the Asteroid Belts in Null sec systems. This is a very small change considering most people in Null mine in the anomalies (anoms)
  2. The reduced the size of the three largest Ore anoms in Null sec by 66%, 50% and 33%

This has some significant behavioural changes when it comes to mining. The more valuable anom based on Jita prices at the compressed ore value is the Enormous followed very closely by the Medium as pictured below


The amount of resources in each belt has shifted with the reduction lookign like it did a usual CCP round down and dropped out allot more of the Pyerite producing rocks unlike a strict linear scale
(This could just be that I haven’t noticed or tracked the resources available in a detailed manner until now and could be wrong)

Minerals by Anom

With these details to build a Nyx using the rigged structure in system I worked out that now we would require to mine out 2 x Small, Medium & Large anoms and 1 x Enormous & Colossal anoms with still a deficit of Pyerite (124m units)

This is something to watch and monitor as we start to grow the corporations Capital Armada Here is the extract from the CCP post below.

CCP Post

Greetings, Capsuleers,

On Tuesday 17 December, Veldspar and Spodumain rocks were removed from Null-Sec asteroid belts. At the same time, the quantity of ore for levels three, four and five asteroid Anomalies in Null-Sec were greatly reduced (33%, 50%, and 66% respectively). These changes will vastly lower the availability of some ores in Null-Sec.

This marks the beginning of the EVE resource distribution overhaul that will be taking place in the coming weeks and months. The element of mystery and sense of discovery when things change in New Eden without notice is something awesome to behold, therefore some of the adjustments planned will be sudden like the ones that occurred on 17 December. It is also understood that certain changes require precise communication in advance in order to give pilots enough time to prepare, so other more gradual plans that exist for changes will be communicated in this fashion.