Planetary interation; low effort fuel blocks


I use a quick extraction set up. it is about 10% less efficient but you can reset in 5 seconds vs 60+ for a better pull.


this done me some much good, succesfully producing p4 with 3 characters.


I will definitely be using this. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. :grinning:

My goal in the planets that i picked for the pi fuel blocks were:

  1. had to be able to support two different types of PI needed. so that i could adjust pulls if one got to high and other too low in stock.
  2. it needed to be small. with a radius under 10k Km i am able to keep my launchpad and factories in one spot and move the extractor to anywhere on the planet that has the hot spot.
  3. The final factor was keeping all 5-6 planets for one character in the same general system or within 1 jump. that way i spend very little time picking up the materials

If your willing to move the entire planet set up every 5-9 days and spend more time moving then you can make more but you will spend more time on it. So you have to decide what you would rather do with your eve time.

I can use remote desktop and goolge to get to my main machine from my phone. I can reset the pi planets that way even if i am not at home. I do this during my “smoke break” at work. It takes some practice but i can do all 30-45 planets in about 15 mins from my phone. for my set up it takes about 12 extraction planets to run 1 factory planet for p2 or p3 combining