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Rorqual Program

Understanding your capital class ship helps in both effective use and lifespan of the vessel. Within this topic, I will try to explain some of the basic, intermediate and more advanced piloting maneuvers to help increase your overall understanding of the way in which you can apply your ship to a particular scenario.

Once you fully understand most of the points within this thread there is an optional test for you to take which would give you a medal upon a successful pass rate. 100% is a gold Award, 90% is silver award and 80% is a Bronze award, we have a high threshold for pilots wanting to wear our decorations.

Basic Knowledge.

To cover some of the basic information regarding Rorquals we will begin with the construction. Building a capital industrial class ship requires a structure with a capital shipyard installed and being a large structure or XL. Capital ships are constructed from basic minerals using capital component parts in varying quantities as a prerequisite for the final construction. Because the base minerals for this are the regular ones this means that the value for insurance is one to be considered.

Docking Rorquals needs to be in either a Fortizar, Sotiyo, Tatara and or a Keepstar. Each Rorqual has a fleet hanger and a ship maintenance bay to support fleet operations and moving assets with you, which can be used in a way to increase survivability. You can only store industrial ships within the Rorqual ship maintenance bay.

Rorquals can only operate in areas outside of High-sec space. While they can use stargates to travel (except to high-sec), they can also jump between star systems using built-in Jump Drives, although this needs another ship to light a “cynosural beacon” in the target star system and or access to a system Cyno beacon. To jump you need to be in range (light years) and have fuel. To check both fuel and distance you can use the jump navigation window, Right click your capacitor and open the jump navigation window. You also click here to jump to a beacon.

Rorquals Mass is below the mass limit on the Jump Gates, this means you can also use the Jump Gate network to move around this type of ship. This is expensive and uses a lot of LO so it is advised to use the gates as little as possible. Due to the mass restrictions of Mobile Micro Jump Unit you can also use these to jump 100km in the direction you are facing (subject to not being warp scrambled)

TS3 is our voice server, Discord is our means in which we call for help from our members and the alliance. This is one of the more important aspect of saving a Rorqual. If you are on voice comms you can tell us vital information easily whilst managing all other aspects during a tackle situation. Discord is also the place where you send the ‘Ping’ to alliance. The ping message is covered in detail below and should be a point you understand fully. Information sharing goes 2 ways on comms so even if you cannot speak join to listen, I know of a few people who have scouts out in other systems monitoring movements and cannot report them in the intell channel in enough time but can verbally warn everyone on the comms about potential threats. Some of your fellow members will use our intel stream on Twitch and will talk through what is happening in regards to enemy movements in the area.

Intermediate Manoeuvres

Fitting a capital ship is widely varied from ship types to application type, some of the basic considerations are if you go for ‘Tank’ or ‘Ticks’. We will primarily be covering ‘Tank’ applications but also talking about when you get tackled in your ‘Tick’ Fitted Rorqual. The most important modules that you should always have fitted to your Rorqual are Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core (Panic) as top priority followed by Capital size shield booster , but the pair should always be fit on a Rorqual. The corp standard fitting is listed below

♖ Corp Standard

[Rorqual, ♖ Corp Standard]
Dark Blood Reactor Control Unit
Dark Blood Reactor Control Unit
Damage Control II
Dark Blood Power Diagnostic System

CONCORD Capital Shield Booster
CONCORD Capital Shield Booster
Capital Capacitor Booster II
Capital Capacitor Booster II
Pithum C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Pithum C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Pith X-Type Shield Boost Amplifier

Capital S95a Scoped Remote Shield Booster
Capital S95a Scoped Remote Shield Booster
Industrial Core II
Heavy Energy Neutralizer II
Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core
Mining Foreman Burst II
Mining Foreman Burst II
Mining Foreman Burst II

Capital Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
Capital Core Defense Capacitor Safeguard II
Capital Core Defense Capacitor Safeguard II

Wasp EC-900 x5
Hornet II x25
Medium Shield Maintenance Bot I x5
Vespa II x25
Wasp I x10
Valkyrie II x5
Ogre I x5
Bouncer I x5
Berserker I x5
Infiltrator I x5
Warden I x5
Hobgoblin II x25
Garde I x5
Warrior II x20
Vespa EC-600 x5
Hammerhead II x5
Acolyte II x15
Praetor I x5

Navy Cap Booster 3200 x200
Mining Equipment Preservation Charge x1823
Mining Laser Field Enhancement Charge x1865
Mining Laser Optimization Charge x1405
Shield Harmonizing Charge x298
Shield Command Burst II x1
Capital Tractor Beam I x1
Drone Damage Amplifier II x3
Shadow Serpentis Large Plasma Smartbomb x1
True Sansha Large EMP Smartbomb x1

QRF - How to get help to you quickly

The Cyno module is a beacon that lights up and allows other capital ships to jump to you and or bridge in a fleet to help you if needed. Lighting a Cyno is only possible on a few ship types now, Force recon will be the most common. Ensure there is one available and report in your ping if you have one available or not. This module uses fuel to operate so make sure the force recons has enough fuel in the ship hanger to fuel the cyno.

Never light the cyno on a force recon until there is a fleet able to jump to it, they can die quickly and it is a waste to light them for no reason.


PANIC is similar to the Cyno in the fact that the module will stop you from being able to move and activate / deactivate modules. The PANIC button does not use fuel like the Cyno but you DO need to have an asteroid locked! and can only use it once before you have to dock and repair the module, it effectively burns out. The time in which the module is active, and you are stationary is controlled by your skill level in the Invulnerability Core Operation skill. The time can be seen like the fuel consumption of the Cyno module

The Panic button Makes your ship immune to damage for the time stated in the information window (Duration). There is a right time to PANIC and a wrong time. Despite the name you certainly must not PANIC and hit this module too early. It is advised that you PANIC only when your tank fails and you are starting to bleed into your low armour / structure. If there are supers on you then you do not have time to gauge the time right to go into structure so you may need to hit the PANIC when you go into Armour.

Before you leave you should check that you have fuel for the Industrial Core, for your ship and ammunition for any other modules (ancillary repairers, etc) Check intel, Discord, local and even evescout to see if Thera WH is close by. The discord channels you should have are FYAN discord & INIT Discord

Always, ALWAYS be in the standing fleet when operating your capital industrial ship outside of a structures tether range. First thing you should do is join comms, This allows you to ask questions get feedback of the local area and enemy movements etc. After which you should join fleet and then check your equipment, fuel, ammo etc. once all is clear when you land one of the first actions should be to drop your ‘WETU’.

Mobile Depots allow you to refit your ship when you are withing 2,500m of it and also store items inside it. A mobile depot structure cannot be destroyed in one instance as it has a small reinforcement timer. This mechanic is used to safely store your precious cargo. A regular Mobile Depot doesn’t have enough space inside of it to store the ‘Excavator’ Mining Drones . Each drone is 1,100m3 meaning we need a ‘WETU’ mobile depot to successfully store 3 drones inside.

You can only use a mobile depot for fitting and storage when you have no combat timer. image
You get a weapons timer when you make an action that effects another pilots ship, this includes attacking and boosting. This must be taken into consideration when you have drones out and boosting whilst enemies enter the system. It is advised that when you see a potential threat that worries you either 1 jump out or in systems (whichever happens sooner) you disable your boosts and recall your drones. This action should mean that you are ready to place your drones inside the WETU if they come to you before you need to make any aggressive actions.

If a ‘WETU’ is reinforced you cannot refit or store drones inside so it is vital that you keep the ‘WETU’ alive whilst you store your drones. You can lock the ‘WETU’ and apply remote shield booster to it, This isn’t considered an aggressive action so you will not get a weapons timer.

Important things to remember about your 'WETU’

  • Stay within 2,500m
  • cannot store or refit if you have a weapons timer
  • This is the FIRST thing you should action when Rorqual mining
  • You can repair it with a remote shield booster if needed.

SIEGE / Industrial Core

The industrial Core module is a module that adds bonuses to your mining yield and boost potency / range. This module will consume Heavy water on each cycle that lasts 5 mins. With the I.Core activated your ship mass increases to an astonishing amount making it incredibly tough to stop when you are moving. This means that you should be moving no more than 2 m/s if you want to activate your I.Core and remain in the close vicinity. While in Industry Core you can compressed ores inside of both the fleet hanger and your ore hold. Fleet members can also use the fleet hanger to compress ores and ICE, Moon rocks are not compressible. The fleet hanger must be open to either Corp members of Fleet members to allow access to these hangers. This is done with a small icon next to the holds a fleet symbol for fleet members and a star for corp members.

When this core is activated you are no longer susceptible to ECM attacks, this means that if you are jammed out and cannot lock a rock to activate your P.A.N.I.C module you can simple activate your core and then be able to lock a rock to activate the PANIC module.

When you are tackled for the first time it is very easy to panic and start talking about stuff that isn’t needed or helps. Stay calm, provide basic but vital information, usually inside of a ping. When in G95F-H ping ia_ping_priority with the standard used ping


Do this ping as soon as you are tackled, you can always tell them you are safe afterwards if you managed to beat the tackle off you, but get help coming ASAP!

Watch for Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor getting dropped on the grid this is vital information that you need to inform QRF F.C’s on. This structure will prevent the use of a standard CYNO being used within a rage of 100km from that structure. This structure isn’t active while being anchored and can be destroyed during either phase, anchored or anchoring.

D-Scan is a scanner built into your ship that will scan nearby areas for ships and entities. The default settings for D-Scan need to be changed for 360 degrees of scan and the range set by yourself. We use a website to parse out the D-Scan information which is provided in a ping to help a response fleet understand what is needed. Adash is the preferred tool for this.

Advance Piloting

There are drugs out there that will improve your ability to shield repair, Improved Blue Pill + Agency ‘Hardshell’ III + Improved Mindflood in cargohold.
[Note: You cannot combine Blue Pill + Mindflood at the same time]
With these drugs there are side effects

You can reduce both the chance of getting the side effects and the potency of the side effect with 2 skills, it is reccomended that you train these to level 4 each when using those boosters.

Rorquals have very large drone bays to store lots and lots of drones, there are many types of drones you can use for all different types of situations, some you should stock in your hanger others you shouldn’t. You should get familiar with some of the basic types of drones you should have and organise them inside your drone window into groups that make it easier for you to understand their use.

Some Drone type you should stock are:-

  • Sentry Drones - Warden, Bouncer, Garde
  • ECM Drone - Hornet EC-300, Vespa EC-600 and Wasp EC-900
  • Light Scout Drones - Warriors, Hobgoblins, Hornets, Acolyte
  • Medium Scout Drones - Vespa, Valkyrie, Hammerheads, Infiltrator
  • Heavy Attack Drones - Wasp, Ogre, Berserker, Praetor

The fastest drones you have are the light Minmatar ones (Warriors), Minmatar are designed to be the fastest whilst the Gallente are the highest DPS

Cap Injectors
Capital Cap Injectors are a great way to counter focused void bombs or in general cap warfare that is aimed at neutralising your tank. Using Cap injectors to manage you cap is a skill based on timing. In the standard fit used for FAYN there are 2 Injectors and 2 Capital shield boosters. If you have the Capital Shield Operation skill trained up high enough each Concord Capital Shield Booster will use just under 1,600 GJ of energy to activate. This is the key to this fitting as a 3,200 can fuel both capital shield reps with a single injection giving you upwards of 70,000 Shield back in a single hit then allowing you to have the same boost in 4 more seconds then you have to wait just 4 secs until you can do the same again without using any cap or if you are fully cap drained.

You can store Industrial ships inside your Ship Maintenance Bay, this is one way to store more 3200 injectors if they are needed by filling a hoarder with 3200 cap boosters and stuffing them into your Ship Maintenance bay. Once you are in need of accessing these you simple eject the ship from your bay and destroy it looting what 3200 boosters drop.

Smart Bombs

Smart Bombs are a module that emits damage over an area (AOE). This means that everything in that area will take damage. Using this you can help to destroy incoming missiles or Torpedoes and or ‘Dictor bubbles’. Dictors fire out probes that emit a sphere which will not allow any ship to warp through it, past it or out of it, (except specially designed nullified ships, Check interceptors)

Bubbles from a Dictor cannot be target but do have EHP, the only way to kill one is from AOE damage weapons like the smart bomb, Same as with torpedoes and missiles, these are entities with EHP that can be destroyed using AEO.

You can also use a smart bomb to destroy incoming bombs trying to evaporate your excavators returning to your hold.

Prepare for the unexpected
Sometimes you can do everything right warp to a belt and as you are warping an enemy comes into system D-scans you and locates the site you are warping too. This is possible because your ship warps very slow and you can be tracked easily to a site if it is within that ships D-Scan range.

If you find yourself in this situation and you have prepared you can get safe, you will land at a point you wish to start to mine at and the chances of them landing close to you is just a chance. once you come out of your warp action you can simply jump to a beacon or a fleet cyno and this is the quickest way to avoid that ship tackling you. This is not used often enough but worth remembering, especially now we have beacon access.

Mining Etiquette

When mining in a Rorqual there are a few things to consider while operating this class of ship. They mine fast! so it is generally known that any barges that are close to the Rorqual should not mine the rocks nearest as these are often to rocks that the Rorqual will be mining. It is known that you shouldn’t land your Rorqual on to a rock already being mined by another Rorqual.

Setup Methods

The first thing you should do is have a WETU anchored ASAP so you can store drones if you need to. The long warps between station and belts can take a while and during this time a WH could open and someone could pop out and land at your site. There are a few ways to counter this. Make a ping above the belt roughly 250km high (close enough that you can still lock a rock for panic if needed but far enough that you have time to react if someone is sitting there waiting.

If you warp to a ping you can either warp to the belt from there and setup for mining or Jump out to a beacon or fleet cyno if there is trouble waiting for you.

I like to anchor a WETU first using a fast destroyer or frigate as the anchoring time is not an issue and I can position myself in the belt easier and also add a ping by burning up in the frigate. The main things to consider during your setup are the warp times between structure and belts and the WETU anchoring time.


If you think you have a full understanding of how you should be operating your Rorqual and wish to gain the in-game reward to show this please take the test below (only to be taken once per month)

Test Link Here

Do not take the test yet it is still in need of revision

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