Teamspeak Service

Here is a small Teamspeak Guide to get the service activated.

Make sure before you start you got teamspeak installed. and all popup blockers disabled.

  1. make sure your logged into
  2. got to service.
  3. NEVER EVER USE EDGE. it will cause issues.
  4. to activate teamspeak. click on the orange square box on the far rigth side of the teamspeak line.
  5. next click the Join Server Button.
  6. if done properly. you will see a popup to open the link with teamspeak. click yes or open
  7. this will connect you to our teamspeak with the proper username and roles.
  8. after your connected click continue on the website.

if your connected but still dont have access. you can see by looking at your teamspeak name at the far right end. 3
this means you didnt get the proper roles.

if you have this 4 the green checkmark will tell you you got roles.

now save it in the bookmarks in your teamspeak. Bookmarks > Add to Bookmarks and press OK at the bottom.

If you DID NOT GET the green checkmark. here is how you can fix it.

  1. DISCONNECT from teamspeak
  2. go back to the page. now take a look at the icons

1a. 1a Verify Client ID
1b. 1b Refresh Token
1c. 1c Deactivate
1d. 1d Connect ( never use this button
unless your teamspeak bookmark doesnt work or you forgot to save it.

  1. Click Button 1a. Verify Identity. this will reconnect you to teamspeak and give you the proper roles.
    Now save it in your bookmarks in teamspeak.


if you still have issue with teamspeak. sometimes it can help by deinstall teamspeak and reinstall it.

hope this helps.

How do you sync Fayn TS3 on multiple devices?

I have to Refresh Token then Join Server every time I use a different device because token is not (no longer) valid.

I use the same ts3 identity and always synced.

A minor pain I would like to eliminate. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have tried every combination I could think of.

No idea. some else that can help ?