Using our SeAT application

SeAT Application

As part of our corporation, you are required to add ALL of your characters, used or not onto our SeAT web application.

What is SeAT and Why?

SeAT is the best-used tool for corporation and alliances wanting to add a deep layer of security into their recruitment. It allows the leadership of FAYN to check for potential security risks on all of its members. It uses CCP’s SSO login system as a secure method to access data about your character an not your account. It shoed email, contacts activity, and information used by our leadership to determine if you are working with our enemies and or deceiving us.

In our long history, we have found spies / alts within our corp before they were able to act in a detrimental way to our community. This helps to prevent or minimise the risk from new recruits and potential spies entering our group in order to cause pain and misery to our friends and allies.

How to add your characters properly

The first thing you need to do is go to our SeAT and login using CCP’s SSO to your main account. This step should be pretty easy but just in case here are some images in step order

At step three you can select the name of your character and you have the option to chose any of the characters that are on that account to add to SeAT.

Once you have your main character on SeAT you will go straight to the SeAT dashboard. on the Dashboard to add more characters you need to LINK them. To link more characters follow the steps below.

Linking Characters

  1. Click Link character on your portrait menu to load back into the SSO section.
  2. Add character form that account by changing the name at the top to your other character
    2a.If you need to add a character not on that same account scroll to the bottom of the character selection part and cancel then you will go back to SSO and you can login with the other account credentials.
  3. Authorize that character to link them to your main.

Here are the supplementary images to the above steps to link a character




Once you have done that for every character you have then you are done!